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About us

Our presence on the thermoplastic granules market had its beginning in 1992. We started as a general partnership firm. Over the period of nearly two years we strengthen our position in the manufacturing industry and in 1994 we became a limited liability company.

We started from processing of suspension polyvinyl chloride. Today we also manufacture SBS and SEBS thermoplastics. The majority of our customers come from the footwear industry. Additionally, we supply our goods to the producers of gardening and building tools as well as to the automotive industry manufacturers. All of our products are customised to satisfy the most detailed requirements of our clients.

In August 2017 GRANPOL became a family business

Stanisław Chmielewski

Stanisław Chmielewski

Chairman of the Board / co-owner

He has dedicated his professional career to chemistry. Since the company’s beginning he has been broadening his knowledge and putting it into creating new applications.

tel.: +48 601 634 961

mail: chmielewski@granpol.com.pl

Marta Szczypka

Marta Szczypka

Vice President / Quality Management System (QMS), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

Joined the company in 2015. She oversees the legal and administrative areas in the company.

tel.: +48 605 266 875

mail: szczypka@granpol.com.pl

Grzegorz Szczypka

Grzegorz Szczypka

Member of the Board / Technical & Production Director

Joined the company in 2015. The production and workflow management is his domain.

tel.: +48 605 061 220

mail: szczypka.g@granpol.com.pl

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