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Company history

We registered GRANPOL Sp. z o.o. in 1994. We are located in Nowa Wieś (near Włocławek, Poland).

The company has evolved into a limited liability partnership (LLP) as a result of its experiences as a general partnership. We started as a team of three: two chemists and one financial specialist. We decided that we are qualified enough to run a successful processing and manufacturing company.

Having done the market analysis we had our beliefs confirmed: focusing on serving a niche market would guarantee the company’s stability and profitability. We knew that the consequences of that decision would be the low-tonnage production that targets a small audience and limited possibilities for automation of manufacturing operations. Time has proven us right.

Gradually, we were able to extend our assortment, gain new customers, improve the quality of our products and increase production capacity. In 2007 the company also started processing SBS and SEBS thermoplastics which provided us with raw material for technical purposes.

Over a period of more than 20 years, there have been some changes in company’s ownership structure – we went from having three owners to having one proprietor.

Since August 2017, having signed the asset purchase agreement, I became the sole owner of GRANPOL.

I have made the decision to acquire 100% of shares in GRANPOL, after the remaining two board members (Marta Szczypka and Grzegorz Szczypka), have declared that they will gadually take over the company. That is how GRANPOL became the family business.


Stanisław Chmielewski

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