We satisfy even the most specific requirements of our customers

Quality policy

As the owners of „Granpol” Sp. z o.o. we hereby declare that our Quality Policy includes:

  1. Fulfilling customer needs as well as complying with relevant laws and technical requirements with the main objective of our strategy being to provide the best quality GRANWIN, GRANTER and GRANSEB, granules, colouring concentrates and services that are compliant with our customer’s expectations,
  2. Expansion and development of the company, ensuring sufficient resources to complete the ongoing tasks and to continuously improve the management system by complying with the requirements of ISO 9001;
  3. Continuous measurement of customer satisfaction levels and refinement of cooperation with our internal clients (company employees), as well as external clients (final recipients), suppliers and collaborating institutions;
  4. Constant improvement of organisational processes, especially manufacturing processes, sales and purchases in order to promote and demonstrate the constructive attitude towards the challenges of strategic planning;
  5. Ongoing commitment to never compromise on the quality of our products and services through the implementation of planning process, client needs analysis and annual evaluation of the company functioning;
  6. Responsible, values based leadership that ensures maximum effectiveness in implementing the quality management system, outlines the courses of action in order to achieve the organisation’s objectives, and maintains the commitment for excellence so that all the goals are reached;
  7. Offering new products and technologies adapted to the needs of the customers, whilst ensuring their improvement – by predicting, planning and monitoring of the market via conducting the analysis of business risks and opportunities
  8. Upgrading and broadening employees’ skills and encouraging their participation in quality responsibilities through receiving regular internal training and annual assessment of competence;
  9. Conducting regular reviews of the quality policy, organisation’s objectives, availability of resources essential for implementing production processes and ensuring the effectiveness of operational activities in order to have the quality management system in place and operating effectively.


This Quality Policy is communicated to and applied by all the „GRANPOL” employees who accepted the responsibility for implementing the company’s strategic objectives.


 Stanisław Chmielewski
Owner and President of the Management Board

Marta Szczypka
Vice President